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POSTED 1/8/21 - Monarch Motor Speedway Race Teams & Race Fans:

Here's our 2021 Events Schedule!

CLICK HERE to view/download/print a PDF version of the schedule!

Promoter has right to adjust schedule as needed. Check with track before traveling on race day for updates.

Date:                Event/Divisions:  

02/18/2021        USRA Southern Thaw! USRA Stock Cars/Limited-BMods/Factory Stocks/Tuners (Youth class off) (THURSDAY)

02/19/2021        USRA Southern Thaw! USRA Stock Cars/Limited-BMods/Factory Stocks/Tuners (Youth class off) (FRIDAY)

03/07/2021        Open Practice for All Dirt Track Racing divisions (more details will be posted) (SUNDAY)

American Racer Modified Series/Tuners/Eco Mods/Factory Stocks/Limited-BMods. Points Opener! (SATURDAY)

POWRi Lucas Oil Midgets National Tour! Tuners/Eco Mods/Limited-BMods (FRIDAY)

POWRi Lucas Oil Midgets National Tour! Tuners/Factory Stocks/Limited-BMods (SATURDAY)

Texas Sprint Series for RaceSaver IMCA Sprint Cars/Tuners/Eco Mod/Factory Stock/Limited-BMods (FRIDAY)

04/03/2021        Easter Eggstravaganza! Elite NonWing Sprints/Tuners/EcoMods/Factory Stocks/Limited-BMods (SATURDAY)

04/09/2021        Sooner Sprint Series/Tuners/Eco Mods/Factory Stock/Limited-BMods (FRIDAY)

04/17/2021        Sooner Late Models/Tuners/Eco Mods/Factory Stock/Limited-BMods
/Red River Vintage Oval (SATURDAY)

04/23/2021        Outlaw Modifieds/Tuners/Eco Mods/Factory Stocks/Limited-BMods (FRIDAY)

4/30/2021          Outlaw Modifieds/Tuners/Eco Mods/Factory Stock/Limited-BMods (FRIDAY)

05/14/2021        Outlaw Modifieds/Tuners/Eco Mods/Factory Stocks/Limited-BMods (FRIDAY)        

Panhandle 25 Bandits Outlaw Sprint Series Nat’ls/Tuners/Eco Mods/Factory Stocks/Limited-BMods (SAT)

05/28-30/2021   OFF for Memorial Day Weekend (no racing)        

06/04/2021        Round 1 Sunoco Summer Series! TRAIN RACE! Tuners/Eco Mods/Factory Stock/Limited-BMods (FRIDAY)

06/11/2021        Sooner Sprint Series/Tuners/Eco Mods/FS/Limited-BMods. Round 2 Sunoco Summer Series (FRIDAY)

06/18/2021        Sooner Late Models/Tuners/Eco Mods/FS/LTD-BMods. Round 3 Sunoco Summer Series (FRIDAY)

Texas Sprint Series/Tuners/Eco Mods/FS/LTD-BMods. Sunoco Summer Series Finale! (SATURDAY)

07/03/2021        Fireworks Spectacular! $1,000/win Demo Derby! Tuners/Eco Mods/Factory Stocks/Limited-BMods (SATURDAY)

07/04-08/27       SUMMER BREAK (no oval track racing)

08/13-14            MONSTERS AT MONARCH (Monster Trucks – Plus Much More! Stay tuned for details!)  (FRI. & SAT.)        

08/28/2021        Sooner Sprint Series/Tuners/Eco Mods/Factory Stock/Limited-BMods (SATURDAY)        

09/04/2021        Tuner SSC Rabid Rundown! Plus Eco Mods/Factory Stock/Limited-BMods (SATURDAY)        

09/18/2021        Red River Shootout! Sooner Limiteds-BMods TX vs. OK! Plus Outlaw Mods/Tuners/Eco Mods/FS (SATURDAY)

Falls Town Bandits Outlaw Sprint Series Showdown/Tuners/Factory Stocks/Eco Mod/Limited-BMods (SAT)        

10/16/2021        Elite NonWing Sprints/Tuners/Eco Mods/Factory Stocks/Limited-BMods (SATURDAY)        

10/30/2021        TRICK-R-TREAT
Texas Sprint Series Finale/Tuners/Eco Mods/Factory Stocks/Limited-BMods (SATURDAY)